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Too soft

Bought it for our 3 and 1 1/2 year old for Christmas and it's just too soft. They have a nugget already which is fewer pieces but firm enough for them to climb and jump when making stuff. This one is just too flimsy and collapses on them. Really disappointed was hoping for the nugget firmness but just not pieces unfortunately it is not.

Barumba Play™
Jae Backus
Couldn’t be happier!

My kids 5 and 2 years old LOVE their Barumba! Endless hours of play and comfortable for an adult to sit on while in the playroom with them. So many builds and so much creativity coming from them while they play! 😃 I love how many different pieces come and the different shapes. The only note I would add- I originally wanted the Barumba in the middle of the toy room as a couch option, we realized that the triangles do not have enough support to lean against as a back rest unless it is up against the wall, super easy fix and not a big deal. It’s rarely in the couch set up anyways! Your kids will love this couch!

Kate Conway
Love the grey!

Bought grey covers to replace the navy as the couch is going to live in the basement at our new house, so I wanted something lighter & brighter. This is it! Such a bright, soft grey. I love it! Same great quality as our previous covers!

Allison Plamondon
We Love Our Couch

We bought our Barumba for our kiddos, ages 3 and 1, for Christmas, and it is the most loved “toy” in our house. It has been used as a couch, a fort, a stage, a restaurant booth, a slide, a climbing mountain, and so much more. My 3 year old is very imaginative and can easily manoeuvre the pieces to create something new everyday. My 1 year old is much more adventurous and loves to climb and slide on top of all our creations. It meets the wants of both our kids well and I can see it growing well with our kids.

We were also very impressed with the customer service we received. When we first received our couch we had some concerns about the firmness of a few pieces, and reached out to the owner. Our concerns were taken seriously and we were sent replacement pieces as soon as they were available. The foam definitely meets all expectations now. The waterproof liners provide piece of mind and it’s awesome they come standard on the couch. We live in a small house with no dedicated playroom and like how easily it can be stacked in our living room at the end of the day and kept out of the way. It is the perfect option for our family.