Our Story

From Tax Accountant to Toy Creator

When the pandemic began, I was working a hectic career as a partner in an accounting firm and now simultaneously watching two toddlers at home. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't keep up this juggling act and found myself dealing with burnout and depression.

Part of the problem was keeping my kids entertained so I could work, without relying solely on screens. I started to become more aware of how many toys don't capture kids' imagination, were not washable or only lasted for a little while before being destroyed or outgrown.

One afternoon, while we played with foam building blocks, I started to think how much fun it would be if these were LIFE SIZED. They could be turned into so many creations for any age and would be easy to clean and store. One toy that could offer so much to a child in the way of imaginative play, practicing gross motor skills and lots of laughs.

 I would love for you to join me on this adventure. I want to make long-lasting, multi-purpose toys that consider the parents who live with the toys too. We deserve to feel like our home is not just for our kids.